Sittin’ in the corner, Munching eggs…

Yesterday a friend asked if we could go for a run together sometime today. She wanted to show me a certain cherry tree that was blooming. 

That sounded like a capital idea. However by the time she gets off work tonight it will be dark. Therefore, we decided to go in the morning before work.

After the run I had enough time to shower, put on make-up, read my Bible, and catch the bus. What I DIDN’T quite have enough time to do was eat breakfast. I grabbed two hard boiled eggs and a bottle of spicy mayonnaise (it tastes rather like Arby’s Horsey sauce), stuffed them in my backpack, and headed out the door. 

Once I arrived at school I had 40 minutes before classes began. There is some debate whether it is really appropriate to eat at our desk outside of the designated lunch time and the omiyage (food gifts brought back from vacations). When other teachers pull out food to snack on, they share it with everyone in the office. This was breakfast, and I didn’t have enough to share. So I slipped off to the women’s locker room and sat in the corner, peeling eggshells into a paper bag. The locker room is rarely used, and I assumed I would have peace and quiet and that no one would ever find out.

About half way into the first egg, however, the school nurse walked in. She apologized in Japanese, and I waved it away, apologizing myself. We had a bit of a conversation while she changed and I peeled the other egg. Then she left. It turned out okay. But for all the world, I saw how ridiculous I looked, sitting cross-legged in a corner of this narrow room, munching on eggs. 


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