Funny Pictures from Japan

It wouldn’t really be a blog about Japan if I didn’t insert some amusing images that were captured by my very own camera here in this country. 

In many public toilet stalls you will see this device in the corner. It holds your baby for you while you relieve yourself.

In many public toilet stalls you will see this device in the corner. It holds your baby for you while you relieve yourself.

Feb.-May 2014 004

Scurvy, be gone!: This is a sign found in front of many city parking lots. I know that it is supposed to be a fancy “T” but when I see the sign, my eyes usually read, “24h limes.” As if the city is passionate about its residents getting Vitamin C around the clock. 

Feb.-May 2014 019

Wait, can I cook here?: This grocery store in Kyoto is called, “A kitchen.”


Feb.-May 2014 020

For sale in Kyoto: ski masks that come with a warning


Feb.-May 2014 021

Calling The Village People: The name of this restaurant in Kyoto is “Mr. Young Men.” Your guess is as good as mine.


Feb.-May 2014 036

Fore!: At Koganei park in Tokyo, a sign asks guests not to practice their golf swing.


Feb.-May 2014 048

Physical Education: in a country that loves cuteness, even the red and white blood cells can be furry stuffed animals. The school nurse at my elementary school had these on her desk one day.


Feb.-May 2014 051

 Instructions on a soda can: The raised printing explains how the tab should be pulled forward, then pushed back in order to enjoy the drink inside.


Weirdness 001

Tissue box covers: In Japan, they sometimes put fancy covers on tissue boxes. Here is one featuring a character from, “Nightmare before Christmas.”


Japanese zoos and Random 019

Flirting with Colonel Sanders: A hard plastic figure of Colonel Sanders stands outside KFC year round, hands outstretched to welcome chicken lovers in. At Christmas, he wears a Santa suit.


Japanese zoos and Random 024

 Um, the birth of Christ wasn’t a group picture: at Christmas time, I spied this nativity set, arranged according to height, with the animals in front and the wise men in the back.



 “COW”?: A bar of soap in a handicapped restroom at the Nico Tourism Office


2013 the first four months 129

“We’ve hammered down the prices”: A sign on a vending machine, advertising the fact that it sells drinks for 100 yen instead of the 120-160 yen prices of other machines. My favorite part is the little tens who have died and are floating to heaven with angel wings.


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2 responses to “Funny Pictures from Japan

  1. A fun collection of pictures, Jil. Love the ski mask warning.

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