Top Ten Items to Pack in a Care Package

Hey, guys! I wrote a piece about what to put in an overseas care package over on a website called Velvet Ashes. This is mostly aimed at Americans sending items to other Americans, but I’d love to hear what each of you have wanted to receive if you’ve lived overseas. Go check it out here.

Also, since my blog is aimed towards all things Japan, I should mention what I sent in care packages to the U.S.: sembai (Japanese rice crackers), Melty Kisses (a kind of chocolate sold in December), and flavored kit kats.

What do you guys send in care packages? What was your favorite item to receive in a care package? What did you secretly always wish someone would send you?


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5 responses to “Top Ten Items to Pack in a Care Package

  1. Sending packages from Japan always included a large amount of japanese candy, the stranger the better, and sweets I knew the other person liked. Combine that with some “kawaii” stuff and you are all set ^^
    What I really miss here is bread. Toast is not bread to me, and although you can get very good french bread here as well I do miss me some good rye bread with a hard crust and mushy insides. Of course that’s not very shippable, but coarse rye bread is, and it holds up quite long. Definitely my go to 🙂

    • I agree! I couldn’t stand the white bread most Japanese people eat, so I wound up making my own whole wheat bread a lot. But when I vacationed in Austria, I loved the dense brown bread the hotels served at breakfast every morning. I spread Liptauer (I think that’s what it was) on and ate it every morning for 10 days. When I got back I found a recipe and desperately tried to reproduce it with the rye flour I found in Beni Maru, but to no avail.

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